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The Q's & A's

What?: The Wizard of Oz, dumbo
Where?: WSHS, you poop.
Who?: People. Miss Regan (my art teacher) ran the whole sha-bang.
When: March 25th-27th, 1998
Why?: Because it was fun.
How?: With a lot of hard work. Now shut yur mouth!

What's Gonna Be On This Page?

Pics, program cover (I drew it! Woo!), cast, funny things that happened, etc.

White   Station   High

OK. The Wizard of Oz, was, well, an interesting success. It's gonna take me awhile to get this page done, so just wait a lil while, k? We had some pretty odd times. I met Keith and Leah, who are both great peoples. But I am homeschooling this year, so I don't get to see anyone, and Keith is off to college. He was a great Wizard. It was a very nice head. Ha! Whatever! We killed it! Other funny things included the Wicked Witch's nose falling off in the first show, Keith not going up in the balloon in the first show, Puck running off stage in the last show, the tech crew's extra special secret thing before the first show (ha, ha, you can't know!), Shawn and Randy dancing (scary), Shawn and Joe picking up me and Keith at the last show, Shawn's hat at the last show, making the Lion laugh, one word - Jeff Hicks, etc. The two things I will never forget were, one: the friends I made and the great time we had, and two: the huge rainbow spreading out over the sky during tech crew. *sob* God, I'm getting weepy.

If you go to White Station or saw the play, *please* link this site with the following HTML.:
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I would really appreciate it, since this is most likely the only website dedicated to the show. Thanks.

The banner should show up like this:
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